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When it comes to taking important decisions, we humans, knowingly or unknowingly, often tend to look into our neighbourhood for past examples of how people have handled similar situations before. It’s simple and straight forward – if someone else has already done similar work, let’s just refer the same to meet our purposes and save […]

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When we imagine big corporates, handshakes are one of the prominent flashes in our mind. We are often reminded that a good handshake is key to a good meeting. So, what’s a good handshake? As experts list the rules – “Approach the person from his line of sight, look straight in the eye, keep a […]

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Between two non-related enterprises, transactions are usually commercial in nature where both parties represent their own interests and settle midway. However, a transaction between two related enterprises, may not be necessarily carried out of their own interests, but may also have been entered into, to accomplish the interests of the business group as a whole. […]

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by the Tax Authorities. Thus, transfer pricing is crucial for your business, as proceeding without having a Transfer Pricing is important as it serves two main purposes – 1) Understanding the internal Profitability and Costing of all Units of the same Organisation 2) Compliance with extensive reporting requirements placed n appropriate pricing structure in place, […]

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When we go out to shop essential items, we usually have a preferred shop, out of convenience or the trustin the quality of products offered. On the flip side, the shopkeeper recognises the importance of having regular customers and therefore, gives us a little preferential treatment, sometimes even discounts, which may not be generally offered […]

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FDI in India: An Overview of India’s Foreign Investment Policy A brief introduction to the foreign investment policy of India. There’s hardly any facet of life in India where the term foreign isn’t trendy. People here have a special love for products which are foreign and trends which hail from the western world. However, the […]