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A regulatory view on business structures for foreign investments in India

An Overview of business structures for foreign investments under Indian regulations Darkness is frightening in childhood, however, as we grow up, the fear of darkness is left far behind, because we are able to embrace it better. Knowledge empowers us, while uncertainty invokes fearfulness. If you are travelling to a foreign land, it’s an adventurous […]

Business setup in India

India is consistently a worthwhile place of business for the visionary investors crosswise over world, little and medium foreign firms and MNC’s because of the size and marketplace it holds. Be that as it may, with regards to being a business or investor well disposed country, it generally ends up at the lower end of […]

All That You Need to Know Regarding the Payroll Process

The payroll process passes on to the means required to pay employees each pay period and includes employees’ hours worked, their pay rate, and conclusions. Processing payroll guarantees employees are paid dependent on their business status and other Department of Labor (DOL) prerequisites. We’ll cover the fundamentals of payroll processing to help guarantee your employees […]

Types of Audit

Which Audits does my company require to undergo? What is an audit? Audit is an appraisal of the area under audit. It’s an independent assessment throwing light on the compliant nature of the company and also states the non compliances. The various types of audits are as below – Statutory audit under new Companies Act? […]

Union Budget 2019 – Proposed Amendments to Direct Tax

We have provided the Direct Tax Concessions laid down in the Budget 2019 by the Union Minister acting Finance Minister Shri Piyush Goyal.  The Budget aims at providing relief to small taxpayers particularly the salaried class who are recognized to be the most honest class of taxpayers.  The current Government’s intention of extending rewards to […]

Tax withholding on foreign remittances

Does my company make foreign remittances/payments? What are the important documents for me to be aware of? When is it required to withhold tax on foreign remittance? The sum payable to a non resident or a foreign company is income in the hands of the non resident / foreign company. If this income is chargeable […]

New Pension Scheme

Looking for employee benefit schemes? This is relevant to you. What is New Pension Scheme (NPS)? NPS is a retirement benefit scheme, the fundamental objective of which is to offer social security to the country men based on the scheme that one ought to save a certain amount for his welfare which he gets back […]