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Cryptocurrencies – Volatility and other problems

Why are Cryptocurrencies volatile? Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is not yet recognized as legal currency by any government. However, any person can buy, hold or sell and even trade cryptocurrencies, subject to rules and regulations in their countries. Buying cryptocurrencies is similar to buying stocks – Investors can purchase bitcoins through cryptocurrency exchanges and […]

Cryptocurrencies – How virtual currencies operates?

Cryptocurrency network has been considered robust, the reason why it has garnered support so far. To understand the same, let’s understand how cryptocurrencies operate. Blockchains Cryptocurrencies work on blockchains – imagine a virtual chain of blocks placed one after the other, where the blocks represent the transactions. Blockchains maintain a ledger of transactions that cannot […]

Bitcoin – The journey so far

What you need to know about the journey so far In 2008, when the world met eyes with reality, as the global financial crisis emerged, an anonymous person ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was developing a new ‘peer to peer network’ to create a system for electronic transactions without any third party involved – a system like nature, […]

Why India’s Oxygen Supply Chain failed to deliver? Explained

Oxygen – ironically earth’s most freely available resource, and yet short in supply. Hospitals are suddenly running out of medical oxygen and there is more panic amidst the pandemic than ever before because the belief that the doctors and hospitals could save us has been shaken, as people have died in bulk owing to shortage […]

How the income tax department is tracking your income!

Disclaimer: Tax evasion is high in our country, and so is red-tapism. This article is an advisory on how genuine taxpayers can avoid the red-tapism and in no manner, intends to promote tax avoidance, since paying taxes genuinely, is the first step, and in the truest spirit, the smartest way, to avoid hassles from the […]

Amount paid for use of software is not ‘Royalty’.

“During the assessment year 1997-98 and 1998-99, several payments were made to foreign parties for the license to use the software. However, no tax has been deducted at source and thus, following section 40(a) these expenses must be disallowed. Therefore, I have reason to believe that income has escaped assessment as the assessee has failed […]

Your right to privacy is their highest selling product

Facebook wants to bring people together. Google wants to make search more friendly. Amazon wants to make available everything at your doorstep. Jio wants everything available under one platform. Newsrooms want to ensure all the best news reach you, sitting at home. Websites and apps want to provide the best information to you, just a […]