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The Business of Cricket – Indian Premier League (IPL) Explained

COVID-19 cases are raking up every day and yet the cricketing body, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is organising the mega event – Indian Premier League (IPL). The league involves hundreds of star cricketers, their support staff, broadcasting teams, groundsmen, rich team owners, the staff at hotels and other facilities and above […]

Do Product Bansserve The Purpose Portrayed?Explained

This is not the first time the topic has made headlines. Time and again ‘Ban Chinese Products’ has been used as a slogan in many speeches and discussions. However, for the first time, it is the Government who has officially called a ban on 59 (Chinese) mobile apps and a few days ago, additional 47 […]

The ‘Lemonade Recipe’ – Decoding The Blockbuster IPO

Take a glass of chilled water, add a little lemon juice, salt to taste, and enough sugar to make sure that the drink is potable. Stir the contents well, and ta-dah! A sweet-sour refreshing drink which is non-carbonated, healthy and pure delight – Lemonade; a no-brainer recipe which is easy even for a fifth-grade kid […]

Decriminalizing Cheque Bounce – Removing Hurdle Or Adding New?

The Announcement Ministry of Finance has announced that it intends to decriminalize a list of 39 minor offences relating to 19 different laws which are not serious in nature, however, the punishment is punitive. Their rationale is, if we stop criminalizing some small offences, it could improve significantly improve ease of doing business in India […]

All you need to know about Advance Pricing Agreements

There’s never really a phase in life where we aren’t awaiting some sort of results. We give some sort of test and await results while someone else is assessing our performance. It’s anerve-racking phase where we travel the world of possibilities with too many questions on mind, and absolutely no  answers, only likelihoods.This happens because […]