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Why are automobile manufacturers leaving India? Explained.

Prologue Buying a car is one of the most cherished desires of most people. In India, it is almost a life event – family, neighbours, colleagues, relatives, etc. everyone is excited. If it is your first car, it is an unmatched feeling of upgrading your life to the pro version! Many people recently experienced the […]

Who funds terrorism and how do the terror networks operate?

Prologue Money – a medium of the transaction to exchange goods and services, that’s how our textbooks define it. We are often preached how human life is all about happiness, sorrow, excitement, love, success and other human emotions which are beyond the materialistic things in the world that money can’t buy. While it’s true that […]

Factoring – How bill discounting can revive the MSME sector

Prologue Businesses are often stuck between debtors who won’t pay on time and creditors who won’t wait. In between, a businessperson often ends up offering higher discounts to their debtors for early clearing of receivables or buying at higher prices from its creditors who may offer a longer credit period to settle the bills. If […]

The Economics of Olympics – Good Sport, Bad Business !

Prologue Olympics – once in every four years, athletes and teams from around the world compete against each other – a global event in a true spirit. Ever since the first modern games in 1896, the Olympics have evolved dramatically. The sports have become competitive and it’s a pride to watch national athletes compete at […]

Cryptocurrencies – Volatility and other problems

Why are Cryptocurrencies volatile? Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is not yet recognized as legal currency by any government. However, any person can buy, hold or sell and even trade cryptocurrencies, subject to rules and regulations in their countries. Buying cryptocurrencies is similar to buying stocks – Investors can purchase bitcoins through cryptocurrency exchanges and […]

Cryptocurrencies – How virtual currencies operates?

Cryptocurrency network has been considered robust, the reason why it has garnered support so far. To understand the same, let’s understand how cryptocurrencies operate. Blockchains Cryptocurrencies work on blockchains – imagine a virtual chain of blocks placed one after the other, where the blocks represent the transactions. Blockchains maintain a ledger of transactions that cannot […]