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How a weaker rupee is a jackpot for the Indian exporters?

While the weakening rupee is disheartening Indian merchants, and also students who are looking to fly abroad, Indian exporters are celebrating the same. Exporters of textile, engineering goods, petroleum products, jewellery and chemicals – the top five Indian exports – are set to make the most from the sharp decline in the Indian rupee, among […]

What is Enforcement Directorate (ED) and what does it do?

Background The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been in the news these days more than the crime and criminals. The Government under its current regime has been extensively using the services of the Enforcement Directorate in numerous cases. The number of raids by this particular law enforcement agency has increased as much as 27 times since […]

Why RBI permitted Trade Settlements in INR, explained.

Background When Russia first attacked Ukraine this year, countries across the world chose to sever ties with Russia. Russia was left alone and couldn’t engage in trade with other countries the way it used to. Russia, the biggest oil producer in the world, was locked out of many markets and had nowhere to sell its […]

What is Vauld’s business model and why is it in trouble?

Vauld is a Singapore-headquartered crypto company that announced fixed deposits against cryptocurrencies, just the last year. However, now the company has released a statement that it is suspending all withdrawals, deposits, and trading in cryptocurrencies for its users. In October 2021, Vauld advertised automatic crypto investments through fixed deposits with a super-high 12.68% interest rate. […]

What is LEI code and who needs to apply for it?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code is a key measure to improve the financial data systems for risk management. LEI code is designed to identify and link parties to financial transactions. The goal is to improve compliance with regulatory reporting requirements. The Global LEI System (GLEIS) was set up to address the global financial crisis. […]

Why is Google pouring money into Indian telecom?

Since 2020, Google has poured USD 4.5 billion into Reliance’s Jio Platforms and USD 1 billion into India’s second-largest telecom provider Bharti Airtel as part of its USD 10 billion India Digitization fund. The outpour of money into Indian telecom companies comes as a surprise, however, Google has its motives to do so. India is […]