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Introducing corporate houses in our banking system. But why?

In 2016, Jio entered the country’s telecom sector. Unlike other business startups, the company had abundant finances to support not just its expensive telecom infrastructure and license but also to offer deep discounts at its own cost to topple the market. As per March 2020 statistics, Jio Infocomm holds more than 50% of the telecom […]

When the Income Tax Department raids your place

On a fine morning, you are on your bed, half asleep, lazing around wishing if somebody could drop by your favourite coffee along with the Newspaper to read. When you hear the birds chirping happily, you look around to find mesmerizing sunbeams all around in the room. You peep in through the window of your […]

The winner’s curse, Auction theory and the Noble Prize 2020

Auctions are exciting – a live ongoing fierce competition with people bidding to win a prized asset. It is common for items of art and historical importance to be auctioned; however, auctions have been more commonly used in selling items such real estate property, commodities, minerals, etc. since a long time. The concept has gained […]

The Business of Cricket – Indian Premier League (IPL) Explained

COVID-19 cases are raking up every day and yet the cricketing body, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is organising the mega event – Indian Premier League (IPL). The league involves hundreds of star cricketers, their support staff, broadcasting teams, groundsmen, rich team owners, the staff at hotels and other facilities and above […]